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We would love to welcome new members to our fantastic boutique studio now that we are allowed to open for our Fitness, Pilates and Stretching classes again. The NHS & Government recommend we perform at least "150 minutes of moderate activity, of moderate intensity a week” to help us age well, stay strong & fight disease. Premier Pilates can help you achieve this goal! 3 x 30 mins Fitness, Pilates or Stretching class each week.  

All you need to do is sign up to our monthly membership at £50.00 a month. If you need any more information, please call 07585 337809.

There has never been a better time to get your fitness regime back on track. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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Monday – Friday             8.30 am - 11.00 am


Monday - Thursday        5.30 pm - 7.30  pm


Saturday                            8.30 am -  11.00 am


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About Premier Pilates

Come along to our refurbished Pilates, Fitness & Stretchfit studios in Eskbank Midlothian. We offer a warm welcome to all, this is a friendly family run business, which was established in May 2011. 

We have two studios offering the following


Premier Pilates and Well-being Studio

Offering Pilates classes and One -to One Pilates

Premier Fitness Studio

Offering Spinning, Kettlercise, Jumping, Step, Low Impact training, Body Pump, Strength training (for the ageing well) and PIYO, classes

Premier Stretchfit Studio

Offering stretching classes on purpose-built equipment, the first in the UK

Premier Slimming Group

Providing fantastic support from our nutrition coach you can join fellow members on your journey to reach your ideal weight. The more support you have the easier the journey will be.

We pride ourselves in offering the best equipment you need to participate in the Pilates, or Fitness, stretching classes or joining our new Slimming group, our studios are fully air- conditioned/ heated.

Our qualified instructors are dedicated to their work, making sure you get the most out of your Pilates, Fitness or stretching class. Allowing you to think positively about your body and achieve more.

We also offer one to one training in Pilates and Fitness just call for more information

We are fully committed to finding ways to develop and improve our offerings at the studio, to make all our classes as inclusive as possible to as many people as we can.

   Our Instructors

Our Team

Fiona Steele

The whole team_edited.jpg

I have over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, after a career change I studied part time for 2 years at college to become a fitness instructor.  I then moved into a role as a Studio coordinator & Fitness Manager. 

Over the last 7 years at Premier Pilates and further studying participating in various courses and workshops I now teach a variety of Fitness Classes, Spinning, Kettlercise, Jumping Fitness, HITT and Power Hoop. 

Pilates is my number one passion which I trained for when pregnant with my first child for the mind body focus in my life. I teach Mat and Barre Pilates, Mature stretching classes and Piyo (which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga) and a new addition to the studio, which I absolutely love.


At Premier Pilates we offer a fantastic membership which is the most cost effective way to enjoy the classes of your choice.

Monthly membership £50 per month 


Classes with a qualified instructor

Pilates/Yoga classes £9.00 per class

Fitness Classes £7.00 per class


One-to-One Pilates with a qualified instructor

1 Session £40.00

Personal Trainer with a qualified instructor

1 Session £40.00

Lisa Norris


I have been a Pilates and Fitness Instructor for the last 2 years. However, I have been involved in fitness all my adult life.

I came to Pilates about 5 years ago myself when I started to feel the effects of years of high impact cardio exercise on my body.

I quickly felt the benefits of Pilates through taking classes at the studio, at the same time I was at a cross roads in my previous career, there was an opening for an instructor, so I changed my passion into a career, and trained as a Pilates Instructor and Level 2 Fitness Instructor.

I teach Pilates classes (Beginners & Intermediate Level), Barre Concept (a mix of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet & Body Conditioning),

a Chair Class (aimed at mobility challenged clients) and Low Impact Cardio Classes.

Brian Wilson


After 30 years in the Police, and a lifetime passion for fitness, I changed my career to train as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer (level 3) and a Pilates Instructor (level 2).


This experience has taught me that everyone can realise the goals they set themselves if they truly want to achieve them. My passion is helping everyone make progress towards their personal goals, however large or small that goal may be.

I teach Spinning, Kettlercise, Jumping Fitness,Step,Boxercise and Pilates for men and women.

Exercise I believe should play a part in everyone’s life, for a huge number of reasons.


This doesn’t have to be a daunting process, but rather an enjoyable part of your life.


Premier Slimming Group


The launch of our new Slimming Group on

the 18th of August went really well.

So much so....... we are adding one more


on a Monday morning.

   Times of our Group sessions -

  • Monday - 10.30am- 10.45- weigh in

  • 10.45am-11.30am- workshop

  • Wednesday - 10.30am- 10.45am - weigh in

  • 10.45am-11.30am - workshop

  • 5.30pm-5.45pm - weigh in

  • 5.45pm-6.30pm - workshop


Come along, get fantastic support from our nutrition coach

Join fellow members on your journey to reach your ideal weight

The more support you have the easier the journey will be.

If you would like to take part, contact us on facebook or email ppfstudios@hotmail.co.uk

for more information and details on how you can be part of

this new venture.


Our Classes

At Premier Pilates we offer mat work and equipment classes at affordable prices. Class sizes are kept small, ensuring you receive the personal attention you require from our fully qualified instructors. At our mat classes, we introduce small props from time to time to challenge your workout and keep the classes fun and interesting.

Streght building 2_edited.jpg


Many of the health benefits of strength building for the ageing well group are the same benefits enjoyed by people of any age who commit to a strength training program.
These benefits include:
o Increased lean body mass and reduced body fat
o Gains in strength and endurance
o Improved strength of connective tissue
o Metabolic and hormonal benefits
o Reduction in lower back pain
o Better mood, better sleep, reduced stress, and more
Consider how the above benefits directly address aspects of physical life that often become worse with age and inactivity.

Mat pilates


Pilates is a strengthening programme for all levels of fitness. It is great as a challenging workout for the fitness enthusiast or to aid in recovery from surgery or injury. Pilates is also the perfect exercise regime for pre and post-natal women. It helps build overall strength by focusing on strong abdominal and core stability. Regular practise can help alleviate many different ailments such as back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension to name just a few.


Pilates on Ball


Using the swiss ball in the Pilates class is an effective way of building muscles, endurance, strengthening your core, and developing flexibility and balance.

Pilates on the Barre


Barre Pilates classes are simply ballet-inspired incorporating a ballet barre and maybe some plies here and there into the workout. Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. In each energising and targeted workout, you will use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. The low impact, total body workout lifts the butt, tones the thighs, flattens the abs and sculpts the arms, whilst protecting the joints. Posture, flexibility, stamina and core strength improve. The result is a body that is realigned.



In Pilates, we use the Foam Rollers to challenge your stability & perfect your “core.” 

Balancing on a roller is no mean feat but helps you hone your focus and concentration, bringing about greater body alignment awareness and mental grounding.

Mature Stretching


Stretching stabilises the body’s natural balance and posture, and aligns the joints leading to better co-ordination. Stretching also increases blood flow which gets the heart pumping in a gentle relaxed way. This is a great class for the mature retired or semi retired

Spine Stretcher


This equipment designed for Pilates that can stretch muscles and increase flexibility. The Pilates Spine Corrector is a great addition to your Pilates workout, it is designed to strengthen the spine, torso, abdominal cavity, back and shoulder muscles.

The Spine Corrector helps to maintain and adjust the curvature of the spine and also helps to reduce the perception of tightness in the breast muscle and tissue. Both will contribute to the best nights of sleep.

Ring Pilates


The magic circle is a resistance ring of pliable metal that is padded and has handled. It’s a tool to help deepen those core muscles so that they provide even more results.

Body pump1.jpg


The benefits of body pump for weight loss is one of the key factors Therefore, many Studios provide this class whether for man or woman. Body pump is not only good to manage and fasten weight loss, but it also helps to improve many aspects of the body and health. Including shaping the body and building stunning abs.

Benefits of Body Pump - Calories Burn -Improve Muscle- Increased Metabolic Rate- Body Shaping- Abs Forming- Manage Cardiovascular - Weight Management - Bone Strength- Reduce Weight - Improve Energy - Intense Workout.

Low Impact High Intensity


The exercises are low impact, performed with a high level of intensity.

Modifications and options are given, exercises are performed for short periods with short rest intervals. Designed to offer all the benefits of HIIT class with less risk of injury and also with minimum stress on the joints.

Step Aerobics


Step Aerobics is a form of exercise that involves stepping up and down onto a stationary block. This is a high intensity exercise that combines cardio with weight training providing a great workout.

Step aerobics use a specialised stepping block. There are a vast variety of step aerobic exercises that you can do including basic steps, the tap up, the grapevine, the repeater, corner to corner, and the turn step. Step classes are great for everyone so why not give it a try.



Kettlercise is a brand new fitness class that incorporates the use of kettle bell training in a friendly group atmosphere. Kettlercise is carried out using light weights and is set out in a nonstop routine that will work every single muscle in your body to ensure you melt away fat, tone up, improve core stability and dramatically improve endurance.

It is effectively a three in one workout incorporating cardio, weight training and core training.

This class is unrivalled when it comes to producing results and whatever your current fitness level or ability you will be sure to find Kettlercise fun yet challenging.




Spinning classes see participants exercising on specially designed stationary bikes with variable resistance. Because you are exercising with others and being pushed by a dedicated instructor, it really is an intense workout, and once the class starts the momentum never lets up. You will be swept along by the beat of the music and the buzz in the room.

Jumping Class


Jumping is a dynamic fitness training system, conducted on specially developed Jumping PROFI trampolines. 

Jumping was born of the idea of developing a training program that would considerably strengthen body and mind while keeping fun in mind.

The basis of Jumping is a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and “power sports” elements. 

The complexity of the exercises guarantees that your whole body will be strengthened.

Jumping is three times more effective than jogging. This is due to the constant gravitational changes, which involve more than 400 muscles being tightened and relaxed at the same time.



PiYo is a total-body fitness system designed to whip you into shape from head to toe.

It combines the practices of both Pilates and Yoga to help you build strength, increase flexibility while having a great time! 

It is designed for people who want the mind-body benefits of a Yoga or Pilates workout, but with a higher-energy, higher-sweat class.


Timetables and booking

Use the links below to view our timetables and book a class/session


One-to-One Pilates

One-to-one Pilates sessions are held in our Well-being centre. These

sessions are tailored to focus on your specific needs. A Pilates one-to-one session can provide a more thorough understanding of Pilates exercise

technique, giving you the confidence to join Pilates classes.


The benefits of having one-to-one Pilates are:

  • At a time to suit you            

  • Working at your own pace

  • Allows complete focus

  •  Builds confidence

  •  Enables correct technique     

  •  Motivate you to join a class

Pilates is a strengthening programme for all levels of fitness. It is great as a challenging workout for the fitness enthusiast or to aid in recovery from surgery or injury. Pilates is also the perfect exercise regime for pre and post-natal women. It helps build overall strength by focusing on strong abdominal and core stability. Regular practise can help alleviate many different ailments such as back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension to name just a few.


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